Which Wave Are You?

Here’s a message from a woman I met in Dallas, Texas many years ago, she’s very interesting and I hope you enjoy her message.

The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth:

Three Generations of New Souls

March 9, 2013

UFOs in the sky

During my sessions as a hypnotist, when pure beings who have come directly from God go back to the Source, they do not want to leave. I asked them, “If you loved it so much, why did you leave?” They all said the same thing: “I heard the call. Earth is in trouble. Who wants to go and help?”

After speaking to many new souls, I have been told the purpose of the three waves is two-fold: to raise the energy on Earth to avoid catastrophe and to enhance the frequencies of the population so they can ascend to the New Earth in the next dimension. Without having the ability as a trained hypnotist to regress my subjects into a deep trance, they would not remember their mission as a volunteer to help Earth in crisis.UFOs as seen on space

Estimating the approximate ages of the three waves came about while I was engaged in my work as a hypnotist in hundreds of regressions. After roughly categorizing my subjects by age in their present lives, I discovered three distinct generations of new souls.

The first wave of these souls, now in their late 40s to early 60s (the Baby Boomer generation), have had the hardest time adjusting to life on Earth. They are horrified by the rampant violence of our world and want to return “home” – even though they consciously have no idea where it is. Strong emotions like anger and hate deeply disturb them. Some rebelled against the status quo and even committed suicide to escape the chaos of Earth. They are the pioneers who paved the way for the second and third waves of volunteers.

The second wave is now in their late 20s and 30s. They have made the transition to life on Earth much more easily than the first wave. The second wave souls tend to work behind the scenes, often on their own, creating little or no Karma. In the sessions I conduct as a hypnotist, they have been described as antennas that unconsciously channel energy onto the Earth. They do not have to do anything; they just have to be. Their energy affects everyone they come into contact with. Their paradox is they are supposed to be sharing their energy, but they do not like being around people.

Many first and second wave souls unconsciously realize that having children creates Karma. Many do not marry in the first place, unless they are fortunate enough to meet another soul to whom they can relate. They just want to do their job and go home.

The third wave is a group of exceptional new children, many of whom are in their teens. These advanced children are already equipped with enhanced DNA compatible with the frequency of the New Earth. They need challenges to keep them interested, not drugs to treat their misdiagnosed illnesses such as ADHD. They are the new “hope of the world.”

Dolores Cannon

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