What’s Up?

The phone is ringing and people are calling and asking ‘what’s up?’. And the answer is–not positive but pretty sure that it’s the energies cranking up again. We are moving towards the Spring equinox, I know it’s a couple months away, but that’s not going to stop the increase of vibration and the influx of more and more light upon the planet. After all we are moving towards Galactic Center or coming in alignment with the Great Central Sun which will flood more light upon our planet and create more and more intense transformations. This will effect each and every one of us on all levels and move us closer and closer to the Golden Age of Peace that has been promised for eons. Isn’t is grand that we are going to be here to witness this? I’m very excited about all of the transformations happening all around me and internally as well.

So the best we can do for ourselves is to stay connected and stay centered and be very gentle and kind to ourselves. For we are internally shifting at the cellular level as we integrate more and more light.

Here’s your shapes for the day to assist you. Check out our class schedule so you can work with Light Language daily for yourself.

Gold Moebius--increase your connection to God

Green Sphere--healing, new growth, getting to the 'heart of the matter'

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