What’s Next?

What’s Next?

Seems like that’s a very good question.  We’ve seen so many changes already this year.  And I do believe there’s more to come.  The biggest change around here has been the weather.  Everything is blooming and budding out at least a month earlier than usual.  This has been beautiful but seems to have everyone’s internal clock off balance.  People are asking for swimming pools at the stores.  Of course they aren’t in stock yet, it’s March!  But because of the warm weather people think they should be able to get swimming pools now.  LOL

So what can we do to stay connected and grounded in what is truly happening right now?  That’s the key to stay in the now.  We can look forward to the future with our plans, vacations, parties, travel, birthdays or whatever is on your calendar.  That anticipation keeps us excited about life.  The day to day events sometimes don’t keep us jazzed enough to be happy.  Best to look around you and notice what you do have going for you.  The food in your refrigerator, in the cupboard, in the basement.  The clothes in your closet.  The car in your garage or your driveway.  We truly do have plenty and the more we notice what we have the happier we’ll become.  I hope this makes some sense to you.  Have a great Monday!

I’m teaching a Light Language class on April 21st & 22nd.  This is an amazing class–let me know if you are interested!

Fuschia Sphere--Fun--Play!

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