I have been hearing people talk about how they are feeling physically.  Many are tired to the point of exhaustion.  We are definitely moving into a new place here and the energies are getting higher and higher and we are needing to become lighter and lighter.  That is in every area of our lives.  Physically, we are going to have to find ways to be ‘lighter’.  If that means, your weight, then find a way that works for you to shift what you eat and find ways to move more.  Being a music teacher, I’ve found that I like ‘directing’ a choir, even if there aren’t any singers around.  It gets me moving and is good for your heart.

Take 2 minutes and watch this video–your heart will be glad you did.

Here’s my laugh for the day.  I’m rereading one of my favorite books, ‘Happy for No Reason’ and this pillar made me laugh:  Don’t Believe Everything You Think.

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That’s enough for today, move your arms, and be happy for no reason.  More tomorrow.

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