Welcome Winter

We are fast approaching the Winter Solstice.  This is my favorite day of the year, besides my birthday, because it is the shortest day of the year and the next day, the 22nd is longer and each day after that is longer and longer and longer.  I celebrate the return of the sun and longer days.  Now you may think that we are just beginning winter but in my mind we are done with the shortening of days and that makes each day one more day closer to spring.  That’s my thinking and I’m going to stick with it.

So in preparation for the Winter Solstice, I suggest that you find time in your busy schedule to relax and reflect on the good things that you have in your life right now, this very moment.  For example a roof over your head, food in the cupboard, gas in your auto, friends, family, pets, good neighbors–all of the above.  As you get in this space of appreciation, you’ll keep finding more and more to appreciate.  It’s a great cycle to get yourself into.  Have a great weekend. More later.

Pink Moebius, strengthens & increases the love

A pink moebius is a wonderful tool to share with someone.  To increase the love between you and a friend, partner, spouse, pet, loved one, family.  Take some moments to feel the love.  Blessings for you today and every day.

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