Welcome November!

Welcome November!  Celebrated my oldest granddaughters birthday yesterday, she’s 12 now.  Had a great time with family and totally enjoyed the food and ice cream cake.  Yum.  Life is interesting and very, very busy.  Imagine you are experiencing the same.  I’m doubling up my my nutrition and my exercise, which means walking more.  Making excuses to go to the burn pile outside while the weather is still great.  I am an Aries and do love my fires!  So I’ll do some cleaning up around the yard and have a great excuse to burn stuff this afternoon.  And as I’m burning physical things, I’ll offer to the fire those thoughts, patterns, etc that I no longer need.  So a type of ceremony to shift the old and transform via fire.  There are oh, so many tools we can use for transformation–just pick which ones ring true for yourself.  I always use Light Language every day and those who have taken the classes, hope that you do also.  If not, drag out your books, run your hands over the pages and get refocused upon the amazing tools you have in your aura.

Here’s a very interesting video that a friend shared with me today.  Makes perfect sense to me.  So get some music on and become your own heart healthy conductor.

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