Welcome 2012

Welcome 2012!  We have been waiting for you to arrive.  And we are ready as ready as we can be, considering none of us have ever traveled this way before. All the information I’ve read says that the Divine Plan for us hasn’t been written yet.  We are the Creator’s the writers of how this New Age and Golden Age of Peace will arrive.  It is our decision and our plans, thoughts, wishes, hopes and desires that will guide us into this next year.

We always has assistance from the Higher Realms — the key is to Ask.  You know the story, Ask and It is Given.  So true.  We are the ones asking and we are the ones that we have been waiting for.  So as you go about your celebrations tonight for the New Years’ Eve, take some time to pause and consider what you are going to be asking for in 2012.  Will it be peace, will it be a new car, will it be cash in your hands, will it be a new relationship, a new job, a new home, inspiration–so many possibilities —

Key for 2012–don’t expect the same old thing for this year that you had in 2011.  Expect that you will have what you wish.  Focus upon your dreams, wishes, desires, and as you are well aware of — what you focus upon becomes matter because it ‘matters’ to you.  Simple advice and it will take you far in 2012.

Blessings to you and your family as you journey into 2012.  More soon.  Marcia

Here’s your Light Language grid for the day.


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