Weekend Ahead

There’s a weekend ahead.  We are going to a training tomorrow and hopefully can do some yard work on Sunday with the warm temperatures.  People are talking about aches and pains but in new places.  I’m sure it’s the energies getting cleared in all the right places and moving the old ‘stuff’ out.  So if you’re finding that odd places are hurting, move around a bit, be the conductor like the video a couple of days ago and go outside for a walk in the earth.  Not a walk on the sidewalk but a walk on good ol’ Mother earth.  I learned many years ago that we cannot connect with the earth by walking on cement.  So find the park or a gravel road and enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors for a few minutes.  You’ll thank yourself later.  I love living in the country because there isn’t much concrete and mostly earth to walk upon.  Be well, laugh alot and have a great weekend.  More later.

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