We Made It!!

We made it.  Yes, we did. We all experienced 12-12-12.  I’m sure that some people were at their ‘regular’ job and maybe took some time during their lunch ‘pause’ to acknowledge the day.  We were fortunate enough to have the day to celebrate with friends.  Good food, good company and good memories for having the day that opens the way for the Divine Love energy to take hold and shake out everything else.

I have great hope and expectations for 2013.  Finally time for Unity Consciousness to truly take hold of the mass consciousness.  I know that super storms are very devastating and disrupt peoples lives and cost billions of dollars.  And I also know that the true nature of humans is to care for one another.  We saw that time after time during hurricane Sandy.  Won’t it be wonderful when people take care of each other just because and not during a disaster?????

Enjoy these new energies from our planetary alignment.  Bask in the love of Creator and Divine Love.  It’s an awesome day!

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