Watch For Pumpkins Along The Way

So, just what does that mean?  Watch for Pumpkins along the way?  It’s about noticing.  Noticing what’s happening around you and enjoying the weather, the fall colors, the leaves turning and the pumpkins in the fields.  I remember well as a child listening to my parents talk about ‘living on pumpkins’.  I am a baby boomer, so my parents lived through the Great Depression and lived on a farm in Iowa.  So when I heard them speak about living on pumpkins, my only thought was:  Wow, so much pumpkin pie!  I could live on pumpkin pie!  Well, as a child, that was my only experience with pumpkin.  Later they explained to me the real message–there was a canning factory in town and they raised pumpkins and sold them to the canning factory.  Hence, they lived on pumpkins.  So look for that which will sustain you during these times–be creative, look beyond the normal and figure out how you can live on pumpkins.

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