Understanding the Heart

Understanding the Heart–well this is a very big subject and I don’t plan to explain everything about this topic in one blog post.  But I do offer you a way to get the answers yourself.  Which of course will be the best answer because it will come from your our inner guidance and not from my guidance.  This is one of the biggest messages I can give you–listen to your own inner guidance, your own Higher self, your own angels and guides, your own I Am Presence.  When you look to others, outside yourself for answers, you will get others opinions about your life.  They might be well-meaning but they will not be your personal true guidance.  Take the time to connect with your inner guidance each and every day, this is where you get the correct answer and can bring yourself to ‘the heart of the matter’.  Yesterday we talked about insight and clarity and intuition.  Today we’ll use that ability to get the what’s really going on in any given situation.  There is a perfect Light Language shape and color that will get you there quickly.  A green sphere.  Enjoy!

Green Sphere--to get to the 'heart' of the matter

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2 Responses to Understanding the Heart

  1. Julia Neff says:

    Thank you, Marcia, I’ve been sick the past two days, feeling like a change is coming, releasing the old allowing what is truly beneficial for me, and a green sphere is just what I needed. Peace! Julia

  2. admin says:

    Hi Julia, Thanks for the comment. Yes, we all are moving forward and releasing the old. The green sphere is very comforting. Peace to you!

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