Understanding of Wisdom

Understanding of Wisdom

This is quite a heady statement.  Understanding Wisdom.  If you have wisdom, I thought that was enough.  But maybe there is some sense behind having an understanding of wisdom.  If we look at the word under standing, it gives us a clue —  we are having a foundation or something under us that we are standing upon.  If we can stand upon the wisdom that we’ve gathered over the years and experiences we’ve had, then maybe we can stand in our power and stand in our wisdom.  And not be persuaded to blow with the wind and shift our position to one that is popular and current rather than our own personal wisdom.

Purple Cylinder

We have a purple cylinder today.  As you remember cylinders are quick movers and sweep away anything and everything that doesn’t fit with the ‘understanding’.  When we add the color purple we are adding the essence of wisdom and spirituality.  One of my favorite colors, of course.  Can’t tell you how many purple shirts I’ve owned over the years and worn out.  So our purple cylinder gives us the understanding of wisdom, getting rid of everything that is not wisdom or spiritual.  The purple cylinder also distributes our spirituality.  Again, connecting one idea with another that are in agreement.  Can’t connect things that don’t fit.  You’ve heard about the square peg in the round hole?  Same idea.

Next week I have the joy of sharing Light Language on Thursday and Friday.  If you’re interested in joining us, please let me know!  Until next time!  Blessings & miracles for your day!

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