We have been moving through the cylinders and creating understanding and connection.

Red cylinder= Understanding of activity, connection of action.

Orange cylinder=Connection of ideas, confirmation of input.

Yellow cylinder=connection of data, confirmation of intuition.

Green cylinder=distribution of balance , new growth and vitality.

Blue cylinder=connection of flow, distribution of communication.

Purple cylinder=distribution of spirituality, understanding of wisdom.

White cylinder=connection to enlightenment, distribution of connection.

When you put all the cylinders together in a 7 shape grid you have:


When you remember what a cylinder does, moving energies fast like a blow gun.  And when you remember that a cylinder discards everything that isn’t understanding, you will see how when you understand at all 7 levels you will have truth.  This is pretty awesome!  Enjoy the truth of your life today.  You are here to be happy and to be healthy!  Nothing less will do.

I love the mantra, happy, healthy, happy, healthy…I learned it from Esther Hicks–here’s one of her books you might like.


Have a great week–new shapes tomorrow!~~~~~

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