Taking Care of Self

Taking care of self is important.  Most of us are very good at taking care of everyone else to the point of forgetting about self. So yesterday I talked about 36 Breaths.  This is from a book that you can get through Amazon  — click here to check it out The Touch of Healing: Energizing the Body, Mind, and Spirit With Jin Shin Jyutsu A good friend recommended this book and it has some very simple, yet powerful techniques you can use to take care of yourself.  I highly recommend this book.  So the other thing that I’ve been hearing about is ‘knees’.  Guess that there are some light workers who are having problems with their knees and the integration of the light and higher frequencies.  So I’ve included a wonderful advanced Light Language shape to assist with that healing process.  How did it get to be Friday already?  I have big plans for the weekend.  Going to a local Holistic fair with our Amethyst Bio-Mat on Saturday and then on Sunday granddaughter #2 is having her 10th birthday.  Family birthday breakfast and pumpkin patch if it isn’t raining.  Hope you have great plans for your weekend.  Love to you all.

Pressure Cooker Lime Green

Lime Green Pressure Cooker to heal knees.

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2 Responses to Taking Care of Self

  1. Julia Neff says:

    Enjoy your weekend, Marcia, and thank your for lovely lime green Pressure Cooker!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Julie,

    You are so welcome. I love sharing the Light Language shapes with people. Lots of good energy for everyone to enjoy. Love, Marcia

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