Staying Connected

With all the shifting taking place on the planet, it is most important for us to stay connected to Source. When we remember who we are, where we came from and where we are going, then we can be here NOW in perfect alignment with our own Divine Plan. We are getting ready for the alignment with the Great Central Sun during December 2012. From what I understand this is a 36 year ‘window’ and December 2012 is in the middle of that window of Transformation.
So, great news for us, the ‘world’ is not going to end but the world is going to continue and transform like never before. My teacher Ethel Lombardi used to speak about this lifetime and how we have the opportunity to grow like never before and that this opportunity for spiritual growth will not happen again for millions of years. So——best for us to stay connected and ride the wave of transformation. Enjoy your weekend.

Here’s a quote you’ll enjoy:

If you encourage your children to stay connected to Source Energy, they will remain clear-minded; they will remain optimistic; they will remain enthusiastic. They will remain balanced; they will remain flexible. They will remain in a state of grace. They will remain in a state of Well-Being. And they will make wonderful choices.

— Abraham

Angelic Help

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