Stabilizing Wisdom

Stabilizing Wisdom–now this is a great focus for our day, Sunday.  Because the color purple is about wisdom and spirituality.  I know that everyday should be a day of wisdom & spirituality, but most people consider thinking about it on Sundays.  If you are stabilizing wisdom, what does that mean?  For me it is about a knowing, an internal knowing that this thought, concept, idea is a truth for me personally.  And when I feel this inner knowing about this though, belief, I have what I call spiritual wisdom on that though/subject/idea.  Let’s see if I can find an example for you.  Hmm–I do believe maybe we can use the Law of Attraction to solidify this idea.  Meaning that what you focus upon your receive, what matters to you becomes matter.  When I understand this Law within myself at my inner core, it becomes a belief and it becomes a truth and then I have Spiritual Wisdom about that Law.  I have many life examples concerning the Law of Attraction and using that Law I have stabilized my wisdom about paying attention to my thoughts.  I do hope this makes sense to you!  If not, let me know and we’ll come at this in a different direction.

Purple cubes stabilize wisdom, stabilize spirituality and create a containment field of spirituality and wisdom.  This is a good shape to use when you want to meditate, you won’t be interrupted and you are in the purple energy of spirituality and wisdom.  This will give you more spiritual information about your life.  Enjoy your day!

Purple Cube

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