Stabilizing Agreements

Stabilizing Agreements–this is an interesting topic.  How can you stabilize an agreement?  Let’s look at it piece by piece.  A cube is about containing and stabilizing energies, whatever kind they might be.  With a cube you create stability between the physical and spiritual planes.  This is creating your reality.  The energy of the cube keeps everything focused into the center.  Nothing is going to interrupt the energy inside a cube.  This is great for concentrating on a project or idea.  Now, lets add the color orange to the cube and we bring in the energy of co-creation, working together, bonding.  So your orange cube will stabilize the energy and the agreements you have made with people or yourself.  In a group situation, this will keep everyone on track to keep their agreements.  Sounds like a great idea, especially in a family where each one goes separate ways during the day and then when everyone comes home at night, each one will ‘remember’ to do whatever their assigned tasks are, like emptying the dishwasher — not my favorite task.  (even though when I time myself, it takes at most 5 minutes–LOL)

One of the best ways to use the orange cube is probably with yourself, so you can keep your agreements with yourself, this makes your Higher Self trust you more and bring you what you are asking for quicker!

Orange Cube

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