Stabilize Organization

Stabilize Organization–Now that is something I can wrap my head around.  Keeping everything organized and hopefully in one place.  I do believe there are little gremlins that move pieces of paper and notebooks around in my office when I”m not looking.  Have you noticed that too?

Today we’re looking at the qualities of a yellow cube.  As you remember from yesterday cubes are all about stability and creating boundaries.  Yellow is one of my favorite colors because it has so many great qualities.  Yellow brings you clarity, thank God, intuition, very important in these times, direction, another thank God, focus, many days I can use that, and courage, most important as we move into these next few month of 2012.  When you add the color yellow to a cube you then have a stabilization of all those qualities/essences.  Another great quality of the yellow cube is to create consensus in a group.  That will come in handy — especially at work, probably at home too.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are and feel the energy of the yellow cube bringing you the stability in organization you are looking for.  (just where did I put that pen?)

Yellow Cibe

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