Stabilize Communication

Stabilize Communication–another interesting idea.  What does stabilization of communication mean?  If we look at the cube again, we remember that it gives us a containment field.  Things will not get interrupted within the cube.  And our color blue is about communication, revitalization, relaxation and flow.  Putting the two together gives you the ability to be more concrete with your communications.  You won’t be ‘running off’ at the mouth so to speak.  In other words, not talking and talking and talking and saying nothing.  Do you know people who do that?  I do.  Oops  — better make sure my post says something good or important–  LOL.  A blue cube is excellent to use when you want to concentrate or study some material.  You won’t be interrupted and you will be in the flow of communication.

I remember when I was spending time at the hospital and I was feeling unsettled while visiting my family there.  I was looking for some Light Language shape to calm me down.  I was emanating many advanced shapes and colors and nothing was working.  (I know the basic premise of Light Language is ‘less is more’)  Finally I found a corner and sat down and remembered what I learned in my very first Light Language class the very first shape we were introduced to — the cube.  So I emanated a blue cube to myself and instantly I was calm and able to relax.  Whew!  Sometimes we forget the basics and look for more complicated answers —

Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy your family and friends.  If it gets too busy, remember the blue cube.  Blessings!

Blue Cube

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