Stabilization of Enlightenment

Stabilization of Enlightenment–And here we are with the 7th cube in our series.  Stabilization of Enlightenment.  Now that is quite a statement.  If we look at what the color white is all about we discover that white is about purity, connection and enlightenment.  I love looking at snow and seeing the purity in it, the crystal structure and the sparkling light coming off the flakes.  White is about being connected and reaching enlightenment about many things.  When I hear the word enlightenment, it seems like a very big, huge, vast topic.  And sometimes it good to remember that we can be enlightened about little things also.  For example, knowing that it’s a good thing to wear snow boots in this beautiful snow, so that I won’t slip and fall and so I’ll keep my feet warm.  We are enlightened about how to ‘dress’ for winter because of our experiences and connection to our inner wisdom.  The white cube gives us the containment field to stabilize ourselves and receive the connection necessary to become ‘enlightened’ about a variety of things each day.  If you are wanting to meditate using a white cube to contain yourself and your thoughts and your actions, you will have a good experience enhanced by the white cube.

Enjoy your day and more tomorrow.

White Cube

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