Solar Flares

So, if you are wondering what’s happening to your physical body, here’s the latest energy alert–Click here!!

Now what are we to do?  I keep saying ‘integrate’ the light, the higher frequencies.  I just got off the phone with another friend who suggested that we ‘digest’ these higher frequencies and added Light.  I like that message.  It gives me something to ‘chew’ upon.  HA. Sorry about the humor.  (not really)

Stay in touch with your guides, angels, the Great Beings of Light, Ascended Masters, Creator and your heart.  You will be guided to the exactly perfect thing for you to do personally.

We are most definitely in the transition that we’ve been waiting for and we are going to be so excited when we ARRIVE!!!  Many blessings.

Here’s your Light Language for today  — the digestive set!

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