Solar Flares Again!

Hang on to your hats!  We’ve been having X-class solar flares this past few days.

Here’s a run down of what’s been happening:

Wondering why you may be feeling tired, exhausted, and not yourself this week?

Can’t quite put your finger on why but something has changed and you don’t know what or why?
This season has held so many shifts for us it’s difficult to even remember them all however Late April through May has been a very busy time spiritually.
Let’s just take a look at what’s up this week:
May 12 Mother’s Day
May 13 Mother Mary’s Day
May 13 Solar Flare X.1 on the solar flare intensity scale
May 13 Solar Flare X2.8
May 14 Solar Flare X3.2
May 15 Solar Flare X1
May 15 CME released to arrive on Earth on May 17, 2013
Today May 17 50% chance of another X class Solar Flare
This Sun spot is not explosive because it is larger than other sun spots, rather it has a complex Magnetic Field, lines of magnetic force twisting above the spot are crisscrossing and reconnecting, that’s how you make an X Flare.
Also something unusual is happening with Comet Lemmon which is receding from the sun not far from the orbit of earth.
Comet Lemmon experienced what astronomers call a disconnection event, a tail of dusty plasma is propagating down its tail. Disconnection events are caused by cme impacts however comet Lemmon is not on the same side of the sun as the active sun spot which is releasing the X Class Solar Flares.
What does this mean for us?
Remember: “AS Above So Below”

We are moving into the next phase of our transformation.  It’s a beautiful thing, but sometimes exhausting!!  Stay tuned for ways to keep ahead of everything.


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