Solar Flares

Solar flares

We are now in our third day of integration of the Light from the solar flares.  I’ve been hearing from people in a variety of places who have been experiencing these intense emanations of Light in a variety of ways.  The majority of people are reporting that they are exhausted–then fine–then exhausted.  That’s been my personal experience as well.  My best plan of action is to listen to my physical body and rest when I need to.  To go when it feels ok and to rest again.  Last night I finally had words to describe how it feels, like a WAVE.  Duh, took me awhile —

so this morning I remembered that I have a tool to manage this–so I created a Light Wave for you to use to assist you in integrating these higher frequencies.

Balance Solar Flares Light

This is an advanced method of manifestation called ‘Light Waves’.  I learned it from my Light Language teacher, Jerry Pegden.  This information is amazing to say the least.  Everything moves on a wave.  So to manage your life, you manage your waves.  There are shapes and numbers included, which you can learn about when you decide to take the “Light Waves” class.  I’m offering it as a 2 day class May 5th & May 12th.  With that in mind I would consider teaching it sooner, if I have enough people interested in learning this.  Maybe Feb. 25 & 26th???

Easiest way is to give me a call or email.  Blessings and may your day be filled with balance!

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