Solar Flares

Solar Flares–  OK we are going to shift our message today from cylinders to address what is going on with these Solar Flares.  We’ve been told this was going to happen and that we’d have a variety of physical symptoms to experience, but WOW!  is all I can say.  First, I was so tired/exhausted that I needed to rest and sleep —  last night I couldn’t sleep, such a switch in a 24 hour period.  So, whatever you are experiencing today physically take a look at what is truly going on in the outside world.  If you are having unusual, abnormal physical symptoms there is a distinct possibility that you are reacting to the solar flares.  Now, I’m not telling you to not go to the doctor if that is what feels right to you.  But I am saying that I’ve spoken to people all around the USA who are talking about these same symptoms.  So, my best suggestion is for you to get centered, however you do that, mediation, listen to quiet music, take a hot bath, walk on the earth, read a spiritual book—you get the idea.

Light Language is an invaluable tool during these times of change.  That’s why I call my blog, Tools for Transformation.  We are in our transformation phase along with everyone else and our entire planet.  We are shifting frequencies like crazy and hopefully it won’t drive us crazy.  One of my friends suggested that we look at integrating these higher frequencies in a different way–that we actually digest them.

So with that thought in mind I’ve included the Digestive Set from the Light Language II class.  Use it to help you get back to your new center.

Digestive Set

Do your best to relax into this next level of energy, don’t yell at your cell phone or your GPS because it might not be working properly.  All of these communication devices are going to be effected by these solar flares.  As you move into the new frequency, it is good to notice how different this feels and notice how you can hold this higher level of Light.  This shape will help you with this also.

Resonance Shape in Orchid

Here’s to the ride of this lifetime!  Keep in touch, let me know what is working for you and I’ll share it with others.  Together we’ll move into the next dimension!

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