Shifting Places

Good Saturday to each of you!  Received a call from a friend this morning.  She and her husband are considering a move to Canada for a job. Seems like jobs in the US are more and more difficult to locate.  I find that sad for our country.  So let’s make a plan to see the economy thriving and stop listening to all the people who say nothing is working.  Again, it’s the old message that I keep repeating to myself and to others–  what you focus upon you get more of —  if it matters to you, it will become matter —  what you see is what you get– and on and on they go. Change is in the air and changing our way of viewing the economy is a great place to start.  Let me know how it is working for you.  Please leave comments!!!!

So I’m going to go shopping today and look for some winter boots that actually fit and that I actually will wear.  I really don’t believe that I’ve ever had a pair that fit or that I could walk around in.  My feet are very narrow and most shoes are designed for wide feet.  So it’s shopping– hmm, guess I’ll have to be excited about that–HA  If you know me very well, you know that shopping isn’t one of my favorite hobbies–So guess I can shift that pattern today and go have some fun!  Have a great weekend.

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