Shifting Again

Relaxing today after a very busy day yesterday at the Holistic Body, Mind & Magic Expo in Marion.  Was a good day.  Saw many friends, I didn’t want to use the word old because we all are getting younger!  HA.  Got to see another friend who is moving to another city.  She is very happy to be flowing with this new path.  Seems like people are still shifting places.  That tells me that change is still the driving force upon this planet.  Of course the seasons tell me that also.  Did some watering in our garden for some new plantings.  Very windy and chilly this morning.  Makes me think of the next season, winter is probably heading our way.  I did harvest more green beans for lunch.  Yum!  So today is a day to remember that change and shifting is part of our journey.  When we resist we create pain and problems in our lives.  As Abraham says, drop the oars and flow with the stream, they are always talking about going down stream.  More tomorrow.

An Answer in Miracle Worker

An Answer in Goldenrod

Looking for an answer?  Use this Light Language shape to guide you.  Goldenrod is about ‘letting go and letting God”.  Another way to say drop the oars and go downstream with the flow of life.

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