Shifting Again!

Welcome to the next shift.  We are shifting again.  The way I can tell is by the phone calls and my own body.  Achy, tired, upset stomach–those are a few of the questions I’ve been asked over the past couple of days.  Usually in a couple of days our physical bodies catch up with these new energies, higher frequencies and settle down.  If not check in with your health care practitioner.  My answer usually is, the energies are intense, rest, relax, take care of yourself and be gentle.  No judgment, no fear, stay connected with Creator, your higher self and Gaia. This will keep you in the flow and keep you in balance.  We’re here to enjoy this journey and not to be at odds with these shifts.  I received a letter from a friend today, she’s cleaning and sorting her home.  Sending things to Goodwill and planting trees, building fences, and doing her best to shift during these times by making space for the new energies.  The best part of her letter was her comment about after all this cleaning, sorting, moving things out —  was this comment–  ‘the dust remains in place.’  Made me laugh–hope it gives you a smile too.  Take care of you.

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