Robins in the Winter!

Every year I watch for the robins to arrive. Usually they send a few ‘scouts’ north to check out the weather and the available food. Then there is what I call a herd of robins who arrive, usually several trees full. Anywhere from 50- 200 robins that I’ve named ‘the Minnesota robins’ because they only stay a few days and then head north.

Well, it’s the middle of January and the Minnesota robins have appeared, not just the few scouts but the entire herd of robins. We are very worried because we are in a cold snap for the next couple of days. Below zero and wicked wind chills! One of my friends suggested that I find 50 very tiny blankets to take out to them! HA!

So with prayers for their survival we bought special food for them since they don’t eat the regular bird seed we toss in the backyard. Hope this helps! robins

Here’s a Light Language grid to keep them safe!


Robins safe

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