Ready to move forward???

Are you ready to move forward?  Today is a great day to balance your chakras and clear out any old cobwebs in your field.  You can do this a variety of ways.  I’m using a CD that has music specifically designed to clear each chakra.  Quite the wild music, but I definitely can feel energies shifting for sure.  Smudging with sage or sandalwood is another way.  If you know Light Language you can use toruses to clear the energy around yourself.  Whatever works for you is the best way.  Dancing, singing, talking a walk in the woods, gardening–these are just a few suggestions.  So once you have cleared the energy field, take some time to specifically request that which you wish to have, and experience this fall season.  A trip to the apple orchard comes to mind.  Whatever makes you smile and be happy and laugh and giggle.  More tomorrow.  Be well.

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