Quiet Powerful Flow

Quiet Powerful Flow

This concept speaks volumes without words.  I’m sure you’ve all been with someone who didn’t say much but communicated a tremendous amount of information just with their presence.  And when this person did speak, it was just a few words but they were filled with meaning and impact.  It’s amazing to watch the political candidates using their megaphones to ‘shout’ their messages to the voters.  Claiming this and that.  When we remember Gandhi who with his presence was able to communicate so much love and peace.  The two are quite the contrast.

So today, be with the blue ice cream cone, become the quiet powerful flow with your communications to others and to yourself.  You will be able to easily assimilate the communication, the messages, information in the easy and gentle way of the ice cream cone.  Have a great day!!  Blessings.

Blue ice cream cone

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