Preservation of Wisdom

Preservation of Wisdom

The color purple has been one of my favorite colors forever!  I might have been dressed in purple when I was born, but I doubt it.  When I took my first Light Language class and learned the qualities of each color of course I was interested in what purple was all about.  Purple gives you spirituality, wisdom and psychic knowing.  We all have those qualities and abilities.  Some days it’s easier to access them than others.  Mostly depending on our moods and what we’ve experienced.  Looking at the purple pyramid I see that first of all the pyramid will give us integration of our spirituality.  Just what does that mean?  Whenever you integrate something, it becomes a part of you.  You can’t remove it if you try.  Once you’ve become aware of a fact or an experience or a truth, you are totally part of that experience.  So having the ability to integrate something easily is great.  I know you’re all now thinking of the things you don’t want to integrate, bad things, bad experiences, unhappy events.  They are all part of your daily experiences.  What the difference is — is this  — how you respond to each and every experience.  When you look at using the purple pyramid, you will integrate the spiritual part of that experience.  What have you discovered about yourself spiritually during the event?  Did you place judgment upon another?  Do you think it’s all wrong?  What quality belongs in your being/self — what can you integrate into your spiritual wisdom?

I heard Oprah say once:  When you know better, you do better.  I believe this is what integration of spirituality and preservation of wisdom is all about.  Have a blessed day!  Marcia

Purple Pyramid

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