Preservation of Enlightenment

Preservation of Enlightenment

We are looking at a white pyramid today.  White is all about purity, connection and enlightenment.  That is such a big word.  And as we travel along we search for enlightenment every day.  Wanting to see the Light in everything.  Looking for Light in the person standing in front of us at the grocery check out.  Looking for the Light in the person who cuts you off and steps in front of you.  Looking for the Light in someone who doesn’t wait their turn at a 4 way stop.  Looking for the Light in doing the dishes, washing clothes, cleaning the cat litter box.  We are always wondering just where the Light is in other people, other places, other events, disasters, earthquakes, you name what puzzles you about Life–and then stop a moment and look for the Light in it.

When we can see God, see the Divine Love, see the Light in each and every situation, each and every moment, then we will have started on our path to enlightenment.  Using a pyramid helps us to preserve that quality within ourselves.  We are from the Light and we will return to the Light.  And while we are here on this planet, our task is to always be looking for the Light in everything we experience.  Bless you for a Miracle Day!

White Pyramid

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