Preservation of Clarity

Preservation of Clarity

Interesting thing happened.  I usually introduce these shapes in the chakra color order.  As I was reviewing this past week, I noticed that I skipped over the yellow pyramid.  So today we are preserving our clarity, even though it’s out of it’s color order.  Fascinating for me because I probably use the yellow pyramid more than any other shape on a regular basis.  That’s because it helps you remember things, find lost items and keeps your clarity sharp and clear.  So that’s your message in a nutshell.  Yellow is about clarity, direction, focus and active intelligence.  I wonder some days if my intelligence is very active.  LOL  Our pyramid helps us cultivate our intellect and preserve our intuition and clarity.  I love to use it to find that which is hiding in my office or the cupboard.  The cool part is that I don’t have to have ‘lost’ the item.  Someone else could have placed it in a new home, and I can use my yellow pyramid to locate it within seconds.

Have a great weekend–I’m writing some kindle books and am truly excited.  I’ll let you know when they are available to purchase.  You don’t even have to have a kindle, I downloaded a kindle reader on my computer.  This technology is totally amazing.

Yellow Pyramid








  Just for fun, remember this book?

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