Preservation of Balance

Preservation of Balance

Green is one of my favorite colors, if you can have a favorite.  I love the color of grass in the spring.  When the corn is tall in summer in Iowa, the green is amazing, especially to see acres and acres of green tall corn.  Must be why Iowa is called the Tall Corn State.  Anyway, green brings us balance and this is so very important during these times of change.  We are moving into new territory, places we’ve never been before and we sometimes can lose our balance.  Using a green pyramid will give you back the balance and actually help you integrate these new energies, this new growth that you are experiencing.

The world is stunned right now with the death of Whitney Houston.  She sang to us for many years.  Teenagers grew up listening to her music.  She touched our souls.  We who are still here listening to her music are the ones needing the preservation of balance.  The ability to move forward with ease and grace.  Here’s her song to us and our song back to her.  Blessings!


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