Pre-Equinox Energies

We are about a week away from the Fall Equinox.  As you are well aware of, each Equinox or Solstice brings in ‘fresh’ new light, higher frequencies and more connections to Source.  Our cat is definitely letting us know that ‘something’ is up with the energies.  Much meowing and ‘howling’ at all hours of the night and day time too.  If you have animals you might be noticing changes in their behaviors too.  Then there’s what’s happening to us too!  We could be up at all hours howling with them!  HA.  If you’ve experienced more ‘symptoms’ of higher light, higher frequency, for example, dizzy, headaches, sinus stuff, body aches, fuzzy memory, etc etc.  Please don’t think you’re losing it–well, maybe you are–like losing some of the density and lower ideas and patterns.  Keep looking for the good in every situation, keep connected to your heart and keep in touch with Creator, Mother Earth and the Star Beings.  We are having classes that will assist with these shifts.  Visit our website for details. — until we see you!  Smile–make people wonder what you’ve been up to!

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