People Say ‘Thank You’

Teaching via skype is an amazing experience.  I’ve ‘traveled’ all the way to Tokyo, Japan. My new found friend commented about her experiences:  “I received generous support from my teacher trainer Marcia Brandt.”  Mikasa Kuroiwa






I am always delighted to share a variety of classes with people.  Here’s a comment I received from one of my students:

“I have taken several advanced shamanic healing classes from Marcia, and each time I do she displays great professionalism and a genuine personalism, like she’s the friendly neighbor next door. Marcia is so thorough in covering all aspects of the course she teaches, and she interjects so many personal stories, which bring the concepts to life. Marcia is a real gem!” ~Pearl Bertrand, CHt, JD



Writing Light Language grids for people is one of my passions!  I truly enjoy the ‘adventure’  of sharing sacred geometry to attract the sacred energies to shift someone’s life for the better.



Light Language grids are for manifestations and healing.  Over the years I’ve witnessed many so called ‘miracles’ on many occasions.

Here are a few thank you’s that I’ve received.

Many blessings to all!

Here’s a note I received in the mail.

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Thank you for all the wonderful energy that light language has directed my way.  Every realm–health, home, spiritual–has been improved and enhanced.


Anita Ehmsen

Educator, Iowa


A BIG thank to my friend Marcia. A few months ago I found myself blindsided by an accusation at work that potentially could have not only ended my job but my career. There seemed no way out, or any quick way to resolve the situation. After  discussion with Marcia, she developed grids for me to resolve the situation easily and quickly. About a month later, I got news that the situation was being dropped, without any loss to me of any kind. I am amazed – and mainly grateful that this found it’s way to dissipate painlessly.

Cathy Miller, Administrator

People in Iowa now live their lives with ease.

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  1. Kris Johnson says:

    Hey, Marcia and Joan! Last night around 11 p.m. as I was resting in the dark, getting

    ready to go to sleep, I suddenly saw and felt these “light-balls” jumping around my

    living room and a beautiful soft pink, like fire. Then I saw balls and shapes with all

    kinds of colors and beauty. It went on for like at least a couple of hours, I think. I have

    always been grateful for the lightlanguage classes I took with you. And I think about

    lightlanguage every day. I had just been going through a hard time and giving it to

    God and the higher power, so wow! I feel this is connected with you both and I am

    so grateful! Take care, Kris Johnson

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