Total Solar Eclipse March 8th

Good morning!

Here’s a quick message about the total solar eclipse which happens tomorrow.

These energies are going deep, we will need to let go of old patterns and embrace
the new.

I’ve felt a little off or off balance this morning.

I quickly shifted using Light Language.

Beginning students:  red cube

Intermediate students:  brown cube

Advanced students:  brown Stabilize & Unite or brown Stability in Integration.

Hope these shapes help, they did for me.

More later.

Marcia & Joan

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March Light Language Grid Writing Special

Tomorrow begins my half price special for Light Language grids.

I’ve been pondering about what might be important for us to consider with Spring just around the corner.

The idea of taking care of our physical bodies seems to be in the front of my mind. With so many people having so many challenges it seems to be important. Once spring officially arrives, we will be wishing to have extra energy to do all the wonderful spring adventures that we’ve put off ~~~~~~

So with that in mind, here’s my added bonus this month.

With every 49 shape grid you request, I will also write another 49 shape grid for your continued ‘health’ or well-being at no charge. My gift to you!

That’s buy one set of 49 shape grids at half price, $88, and receive another health grid set FREE!

As you remember, every personal 49 shape goal grid comes with a 49 shape community grid.  That’s 4 grids for you and your community! What fun!

I always encourage you to check and see how long it’s been since you’ve updated your personal chakra grid. As more and more light comes upon the planet, daily we must adjust to these higher frequencies. A personal grid helps with this adjustment.

Looking forward to writing grids to assist you on your journey!

Any questions please email or give me a call.



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Using Your Mastery

Good Morning!

Joan and I are grateful to have been able to share with you the magic of Light Language.  For some of you it’s been over 10 years since you’ve taken the classes,
for others it’s more recent.  No matter how long it’s been, it’s very important to understand that the healing grids are active in your aura, all 2,000+ healing grids and that
you have access to the long line of Light Language lineage.

We are very aware of the intensity of the energies coming to our beloved earth and also the shaking up of old ways and what has been labeled ‘dark’ energy.
Secrets are being revealed and as more and more light comes to our earth, it will continue to displace everything that is not of the light and love.

There are serious issues that need our attention each and every day, which can sometimes feel overwhelming.

The good news is that you have amazingly simple tools that can shift situations very rapidly.

I remember going to a psychic fair over 10 years ago where people were attempting to displace/remove intensely heavy energy.  The sponsors of the event had
spent the previous day smudging, chanting, using drums, etc, anything and everything they could think of to clear the energy.  Nothing had helped.

Joan and I walked into the room and felt the energy and one of our Light Language students begged us to clear the room because she had her booth set up there.
We stood at the front of the room and emanated 4 colored Light Language shapes and within moments, the energy was clean and clear!
(Remember Light Language moves at 5 times the speed of light.)

Our intention with ‘Using Your Mastery’ is to encourage you to actively use your Light Language tools.  Remember out of the billions of people on the planet
you are part of a very select few that know and have the ability to use Light Language.  Some day it will be better known but for now we are the holders
of the ‘light’.

So, with that in mind we are going to regularly send out ideas and suggestions about ways to use Light Language.  No matter what level of class you’ve taken
each one of you can make a difference.

We would love to have your feedback and ideas because the more people participating the stronger this effort will be.  As you all know, the more you use
Light Language the more it teaches you how to use it.  Now if you feel your skills are a bit dusty, not to worry.  It’s all there ready and able to help.  Many
times the shapes/colors will fly out of your aura without you even being aware.  You are definitely a walking healing library.

As this ‘project’ gets more momentum rolling, it will be fascinating to watch how we can indeed ‘create our own reality’.

One of the topics in the news that concerns us deeply is the water situation in Flint, Michigan.  So that’s the first place we are going to offer suggestions
and hopefully you’ll each one find ways to add to our beginning ideas.

Here’s how we ‘think’ it might work:

We’ll offer ideas and then you will either emanate shapes/colors or write grids.  We’ll share grids with the group and watch how everything manifests.

So for the Flint water crisis here’s a couple ideas for us to begin.

Beginning students: 

Send emergency shapes, ‘alive’ silver sphere
Send dictionary grids
Write new dictionary grids to help clean the water
If you have friends or relatives there, write them a personal chakra grid, stationary grids.

Intermediate students:

Write 49 shape grids to help clean the water.
Send emergency dodecahedrons
Emanate turquoise cubes to contain toxins
Write 49 shape grids to heal the people

Advanced students:

Write 144 shape grids
Emanate advanced toroids that clean up metals, T4
Emanate 4th dimensional unknown shapes
Write 49 shape grids with advanced colors/shapes
Emanate prisms to clean up the mess

Advanced Toruses students:

Send long distance toruses to the city water supply to clean up lead
If you have friends or family there, send to them individually
Use ether row to remove the ’cause’ of the situation

Advanced Principles/7 Rays students:

Write 49 shaped grids using the Ascended Masters & Chohans to assist
Use the 3 Ray protocol (thanks Gayla) to Destroy, Heal & Solution by writing 3 different grids
Use the Esparanza method (especially if you have family or friends there)

Catalan Solids students:

Emanate catalans to area
Write 7, 49, 144 shape grids to heal people, especially young children
For solutions to fixing the pipes
Use catalan solids to get to the inner laws, combine with prisms to work with the law makers

These are just a few ideas to jog your memory and hopefully give you some inspirations!

Always know that emanated shapes/colors work and remember the basic Light Language message

So do not believe that if you only have time to emanate a couple shapes a day that you aren’t doing enough.  You are carrying one of the most powerful tools
on the planet.  And know that using ‘light’ needs no permission.  Light is always for the highest good!

—and if that’s not enough ideas, please share yours with this group, it’s close to 100 people who are receiving this email and once I post on Facebook
and my website, there will be more joining us.

For those who live close to us, we are considering having a monthly gathering of people to share ideas, write grids and just plain get together
to have some fun with like minded people.  Please let us know if you’re interested.  Probably will speak with Jacque and see if we can get the
Solon library room to meet in.

We are so grateful to have you with us on this journey called ‘life’.  Together we can shift our beloved earth back to her pristine atmosphere!

Love & many blessings,
Marcia & Joan



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Robins in the Winter!

Every year I watch for the robins to arrive. Usually they send a few ‘scouts’ north to check out the weather and the available food. Then there is what I call a herd of robins who arrive, usually several trees full. Anywhere from 50- 200 robins that I’ve named ‘the Minnesota robins’ because they only stay a few days and then head north.

Well, it’s the middle of January and the Minnesota robins have appeared, not just the few scouts but the entire herd of robins. We are very worried because we are in a cold snap for the next couple of days. Below zero and wicked wind chills! One of my friends suggested that I find 50 very tiny blankets to take out to them! HA!

So with prayers for their survival we bought special food for them since they don’t eat the regular bird seed we toss in the backyard. Hope this helps! robins

Here’s a Light Language grid to keep them safe!


Robins safe

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White Snow Flakes!

Here they come!  The first snow of the season, even though it’s still officially Fall!

Thankfully my son was able to come help me get the cedar rocking chairs off the front porch and into the shed for the winter.  Plus a few other chores that we’d ignored because the Indian Summer days were so delightful!

All is tucked away for the winter!

Hope you have a warm, dry and peaceful place to be this Friday and that your weekend holds promise for lots of love and happiness.




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We all have many things to be thankful for and most days I can remember to say ‘thanks’.

I wish to thank each and every one of you who have participated in our Light Language classes over these past 11 almost 12 years.  We are happy to have been a part of your journey!

We are looking forward to spending time with you.  Watch for our next series of classes and grid writing specials.  December is the month to refresh your aura with new ‘light’ codes!

thanksgiving 2

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Catalan Solids Class


Finally We Have the Missing Step!!!


We all know about physical laws and some of us are familiar with Universal Laws.

The one Universal Law that everyone has heard of is —-

The Law of Attraction

So has The Law of Attraction been working exactly as you think it should?

hmmmmm–not always you say—–hmmmmm

Well, the missing step has to do with the 12 Inner Laws,

they are the ‘missing step’

On Saturday October 17th, join us to learn about these 12 Inner Laws,
and how to bring them into balance in your life.

Each one of us has a major Inner Law that is ‘running’ a program that can be brought into balance to shift your life!!

10 am – 4 pm

Our house–

Space is limited so please register early with a deposit of $55

Investment in yourself is $155.

You will receive the map to transform your inner law and new tools

called ‘The Catalan Solids’.

Looking forward to seeing you soon–

more details to come–

Marcia & Joan

Discover which of the 12 Inner Laws is defining your life. These relate to how we manifest and what we manifest. With understanding of your dominant Inner Law, you can turn it into a constructive part of your life. A valuable learning tool for your growth and development.

Saturday October 17th

Investment $155
10 am – 4 pm
Bring a sack lunch.
Class size limited.
Message me for location and details for your deposit to hold your space.

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June Grid Special

The calendar beside my desk is announcing June tomorrow with a gorgeous photo of the Teton mountain range in purple light with purple lupines in the foreground and the Snake River in the middle.   It is breathtaking!

Makes me think of summer and vacations in the mountains.  I hope you have something special planned for this amazing time of year!

Each quarter I offer to write Light Language grids for you at half the normal cost~~  it’s my way of saying thank you for being here during this unprecedented time upon our beautiful planet!

Joan and I spent an afternoon in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago and came back feeling empowered like never before!
We are in the 5th dimension and striving to bring all of us into the Golden Age of Peace.

This is a very challenging task and takes all of us doing our best as often as possible.

One of the concepts I came away with is this — instead of trying to fix the systems that seem broken with our society and our world, imagine a new way of creating the ‘Heaven on Earth’ we all desire!

Instead of being upset with the banking system, monetary problems, create a new system that offers everyone the basics of thriving!

Just some ideas to get your creative juices going!

One of the important ideas from the workshop in Minneapolis was that as Lightworkers it’s time for us to eliminate poverty consciousness and be in the flow of God’s Infinite Abundance and Prosperity —  which is our birthright and part of the Golden Age.

(Gold, get it?)

As Lightworkers with plenty of cash, we can fund those ideas that fit with our vision of Heaven on Earth.  Doesn’t that sound awesome?


Back to my Light Language special:

So with that in mind, with each set of 49 shape goal grids you request, I will also write a 49 shape ‘Cash’ grid for you at no charge, my gift to you for being who you are!
Special offer $88

All chakra grids will be 12 shape from now forward– we are in the space where we must be connected to the higher chakras to bring in our next step!  
12 shape chakra grid special $65

144 shape grids
Mastery of any skill, Master Healer, Master Teacher, Master of Communication, Financial Freedom
Shift your health, works with genetics, chronic disease, cancer, etc.
144 grid special $335

If you haven’t updated your personal chakra grid in the past 6 months, it’s time!  The energies are intensifying each and every day.  A personal chakra
grid will help you stay balanced, filter out chaos and bring in the ‘good stuff’.

49 shape goal grids work on any topic/issue you seem to be struggling with.  Finding a mate, getting the best job, losing weight, finding your ‘next step’, plus you get an additional ‘Cash‘ grid for FREE!

This special offer is available from June 1st through June 30th

Send me an email or give me a call:

I look forward to writing amazing Light Language grids for you!


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