October Full Moon

In case you haven’t noticed, we are approaching the October Full Moon which is called Full Hunters Moon.  Last night for sure you could go hunting with the light of the moon.  It was so light outside at all hours of the night. Myself and the indoor cat could not sleep very well.  So I opted to lay on our Amethyst Bio-Mat most of the night.  I finally got to sleep and rested even though the energies were intense.  We are building up to another energy shift, integrating more and more light, and letting go of all that is not necessary for our best life.  As this blog is titled, Tools for Transformation, I appreciate all the tools that I’ve gathered over the years.  So here’s another Light Language shape

Comfortable with Spiritual Wisdom

Being Comfortable with your Spiritual Wisdom

for you to make the energies smooth during this Full Moon approach. May each of you sleep well during the next few nights.

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