As we begin to movement towards Winter and shorter days, I am reminded about how much we have transformed our lives by the use of electricity.  We thrive on sunlight and as the days grow shorter, we use electricity to light up our nights.  And this can cause some problems with our body rhythms.  Nature slows down, the leaves fall, trees go dormant, the garden goes into rest, and we as humans keep going and going and going.  Just like the Energizer Bunny.

My best suggestion to you is to find ways to relax and take in the inner beauty of your lives.  Find quiet time to reflect on all that you have accomplished, and don’t look at what you still need to accomplish.  Because as on of my favorite channels says:  You’ll never get it done.  Thanks Abraham.

Here’s your Light Language shape for the day so you can relax and revitalize.

Blue Cube, relaxation, revitalization

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