Moving Right Along

Wow!  If you aren’t holding on to your hat, I do believe you have lost it.  These times are shifting and moving right along at incredible speeds.  Old patterns must go.  New ones must arrive and you are required not to hold on to anything that does not serve you or make you smile, laugh or giggle.  The old is leaving, just like the entire year of 2010 is about gone.  You will feel many new experiences and will wonder just what is happening.  You are becoming more and more light, dear friends.  You are transforming at record speed.  You will tap into old energies and almost puke them out for they will no longer be comfortable nor will they serve you.  I must say that I’m shifting right along with you and am looking at what is old and ready to go and what is new and arriving daily.  So the message is to enjoy the changes for they are coming and there’s no stopping them now.  Have a great day.  Blessings..

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