Moving into the Equinox Energies

We are moving into the Fall Equinox energies.  Even though it is still August, some of the trees are starting to turn color and the energies feel like they are ramping up again.  With each change in season, we have experienced more and more intense energies.  At used to feel like we had a little breathing room between the influx of more light and more energy and higher frequencies, but anymore it seems like the frequencies keep jumping each and every day.  Then add the intensity of the full moon and retrograde energies and we are really living in quite a mix of energies.

So what to do you ask?  There are many answers and each of us will find that which works for us.  So I’ll talk about what works for me.  I like to walk around the yard, checking the garden and seeing if any tomatoes are ripe.  Talk to friends and share their experiences and compare ‘notes’.  Then I feel like I’m on the same path and not off in no man’s land.  Playing the piano, singing, sitting on the front porch with my cat.  Spending time with my granddaughters also is a ‘reality check’.  They are so full of life and so excited about everything.

I suggest that you start a list of activities that help you bring yourself into balance.  Put each on a piece of paper.  Fold the paper and place them in a jar, basket, whatever.  And when you are at your ‘wits end’  pull out a piece of paper and go do or BE what is written there.  That way you take your brain/mind out of the picture and allow your intuition to draw the activity that will bring you balance.

More later.  Until then, smile and laugh.  Did you know that laughter raises your frequency????????

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