More Shifting

We are going through more shifting and more pattern breaking.  If you happen to break an object, you are breaking an old pattern.  I broke a drinking glass a couple of days ago and at first I said in my head, oh, darn, I broke a glass.  Then I realized that I’d broken an old pattern.  So then I said, Yeah!  I broke a pattern!!!   I don’t have to know what pattern I changed, just that it happened.  So I went along the day, very happy to have shifted an old energy pattern for myself.  I was talking to a friend yesterday and she said that she’d been breaking lots of things.  She was happy to know that she wasn’t just being klutzy but was shifting patterns.  So if you’re ‘brave’ here’s a shape that will break old patterns for you.  Only use this shape if you are definitely ready for new energy and new patterns.  It is very powerful and works.

Breakdown to Breakthrough, Light Pink, Easy shift, ease in skipping levels

I was ‘kind’ and put this shape in light pink which makes the shift easy.  This allows you to take giant steps with ease. Enjoy.  Blessings.

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