More Please!

More Please!

So, what are you asking for these days?  What is it that you wish to have more of in your life?  Is it freedom?  Is it fun?  Is it cash?  Here’s the deal, the Law of Attraction is working for you 24/7, and bringing you exactly what you are wishing for.  Don’t believe it?  Too bad because it’s still true.  This is a place where the answer is always ‘yes’.  Whatever you are thinking about or planning on doing will happen for you.  Because you think about something often enough, it will happen.  Now there is a balancing factor in play here too.  It’s called adding up the daily thoughts and determining how many times you have thought about not having something compared to the times that you have thought about having it.  At the end of the day, which ever number is  higher wins.  So if you constantly think you don’t have enough money to do this or that, and only a couple times a day you think about having enough money, you’ll end of with the ‘not having enough’ in your life.

Now, the best way to decide how your thoughts are going each day, is to look at how you are feeling.  If you are feeling good, that’s an indication that you are thinking about positive stuff and positive events.  If you are angry or upset or just plain mad, you definitely aren’t going in any direction that will bring you the ‘goodies’ in life.  The quickest way to turn this around is is to laugh.  And usually we have plenty of material to laugh about in our own lives, it’s not necessary to look outside yourself for humor.

–with that said, here’s a good way to start, bet you can’t stop laughing!!!!  Have a great weekend.



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