Meteor Shower

Oh boy, talk about having more light coming upon the planet.  Tonight and tomorrow night we have the opportunity to see meteor showers.  Again just adding to the intensity of the season.  So your task is to see how much light you can hold.  As you increase light, you’ll naturally release any energy, thoughts, blocks that are in the way of adding more light.  You don’t have to do anything special, just be available and open to having more light in your aura, your physical body and your energy field.  Not positive where this shower can be seen, but you’ll be able to tune into it wherever you are.  Enjoy.  Love to you!

2009 Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower from 2009

Dec. 2009 Meteor shower

How cool are these pictures!!  I’m sure they are time lapsed.  Enjoy the evening.

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