May is for Mother Mary

From what I’ve been reading online May is for Mother Mary.  There is a part of me that wonders if Jesus was really born in Mary instead of December.  But that’s just me wondering.

We finally are having spring and I’ve been getting dirt under my fingernails.  Hurrah!  I have plants that I started indoors that are begging to be outside in the earth.  But I have to wait until ‘The Three Cold Kings’ have passed.  This is a legend that my Czech friend Mary told me over the years.

I’ve heard various forms of the Three Kings, or Three Frozen Kings.


As the story goes, the three kings or saints – Pankrac on May 12, Servac on May 13 and Bonifac on May 14 – were frozen when the temperature dropped while they were fishing at sea. On May 15, St. Zofie came along with a kettle of hot water to thaw out the three frozen kings.


The legend, brought to the United States by Czech immigrants, means that, for Iowans,  it’s a good idea to wait until May 15 to plant your tomatoes, peppers and other tender vegetables and flowers, or at least provide them with some protection in case overnight temperatures drop below freezing.

So this is why my plants are outside on the porch waiting for the 15th of May to go into the ground.

I’m reading about gardening and cooking.  Here’s my latest book that’s to arrive tomorrow.  Let’s read it together!



If you click on the book or here you’ll go to Amazon and can read the reviews.  I’ll post mine after I’ve read it. 

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