May 11th

Today is the 11th in the year 2011.  What I’ve learned is that every month on the 11th, the energies are increased and we are asked to ‘download’ more light and more energy.  So if today is one of those days where you feel not so good, achy muscles, etc.  please know that it is probably your physical body ‘trying’ to catch up with the higher frequencies.  Be ok with your progress, after all you are always doing the best you can and you are always ENOUGH.  My teacher Ethel Lombardi would always ask us if we were having muscle aches, tired, forgetting things, etc and everyone in the room would raise their hand.  She assured us over and over again that we were integrating these higher frequencies and our physical bodies were having a hard time keeping up.

Take some time today to relax, breathe deeply, and laugh out loud.  There are scientific studies that show how much laughter keeps us healthy and improves our physical bodies.  So when there is more to integrate, laugh about it, please don’t take this too seriously–after all, we are on the road to ascension and it’s quite a glorious ride.

Here’s your Light Language shape for today–

Gold Icosahedron--Expand the Light of God

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