March Light Language Grid Writing Special

Tomorrow begins my half price special for Light Language grids.

I’ve been pondering about what might be important for us to consider with Spring just around the corner.

The idea of taking care of our physical bodies seems to be in the front of my mind. With so many people having so many challenges it seems to be important. Once spring officially arrives, we will be wishing to have extra energy to do all the wonderful spring adventures that we’ve put off ~~~~~~

So with that in mind, here’s my added bonus this month.

With every 49 shape grid you request, I will also write another 49 shape grid for your continued ‘health’ or well-being at no charge. My gift to you!

That’s buy one set of 49 shape grids at half price, $88, and receive another health grid set FREE!

As you remember, every personal 49 shape goal grid comes with a 49 shape community grid.  That’s 4 grids for you and your community! What fun!

I always encourage you to check and see how long it’s been since you’ve updated your personal chakra grid. As more and more light comes upon the planet, daily we must adjust to these higher frequencies. A personal grid helps with this adjustment.

Looking forward to writing grids to assist you on your journey!

Any questions please email or give me a call.



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