How do you manifest your world?  How do you receive what you’ve been asking for?  What makes the difference?  What mantra, what movement, what chant, which crystal will make all of this happen for me?  Am I focusing upon that which I desire or am I being distracted?  How do I get the gold that I desire?  All these questions swirl around in our minds — and we latch upon an answer that works for awhile and then we go charging off in another direction thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.  Whew!  How do  we stop this whirl wind of chasing our tails?

Every Master, gugu, The Secret people, and every self-help book gives you directions to follow to make all of this happen.  And yet we still are looking for the Answer.  So which one is right?  Which one will bring you all the Gold you desire?  Here’s the Secret answer–the one you are focusing upon is the one which will work for you.  If you keep changing your focus and hopping from one method to another, you’ll keep yourself distracted enough that nothing will work.

Currently I am focusing upon the I AM material offered by Saint Germain and the Violet Flame.  This is working for me.  Joan and I share this information with people in our Freedom classes.  We are creating a new class in February if you are in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, area.  We haven’t decided if working with this via Skype is possible.  We’ll let you know in the future if that seems like it will work.

My best suggestion for you is to choose one method and focus upon it.  Keep steady with the spiritual practice and stop chasing the next ‘shiny object’.  We’ve used Light Language for almost 10 years now and know without a doubt that this method of writing Mayan Light Grids manifests results.  I wrote a series of Light Grids for the owner of a local jewelry store to improve her holiday sales and recently received an email stating that indeed the grids had turned around their holiday sales and she was eternally grateful for that!





No matter which method you focus upon–be certain to focus upon the year 2012 being your best year, the year that you create that big dream, the year you have your wishes fulfilled, the year that you find your ideal mate, the year of Joy and Transformation!  Blessings on your journey.  And remember to BE HAPPY!

Here’s your Light Language shape for the day:

Orange Sphere -The Most Prosperous Shape in Light Language

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