Make Peace

Make Peace

Seems like there is an influx of higher frequencies again today.  I know that my physical body was complaining until I ‘made peace’ with it.  There are many ways to do this, one of them is to walk on the ground barefoot–remember I suggested the Earthing book a few weeks ago.  Still important, if you haven’t ordered your copy yet, get it here:

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Another way is to make sure you are getting enough sleep and are sleeping during ‘normal’ sleeping hours.  That means before midnight or 1 am.  I know a couple people who read my blog who are working on adjusting their sleeping time.  Keep at it!!

Taking a walk and enjoying the beauty of nature, flowers, budding trees, green grass and the birds flying overhead.

And my favorite one of all is LAUGHTER!  One of the easiest ways is to just start laughing.  You might have to ‘fake’ it as first, but once you get going it’s contagious.

Let me know if these work for you and if you have other ideas that I can share with people.

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