Maintaining Balance

Maintaining Balance–Now that is something we all are looking for!   When we maintain balance, we are bringing in boundaries to contain our energies.  Instead of flitting around here and there and accomplishing nothing, we can contain our energy with a cube, create some boundaries and bring balance into our lives.  This is useful when we seem to have too many distractions — like the television, kids asking for our attention, cats wanting to go outside or come inside, the telephone ringing with telemarketers, this can go on and on until our time is filled — and not with what we want!  Green is about balance, new growth and healing. When you make the cube green, then you can maintain balance and contain the healing and new growth.

If you are a holistic practitioner, massage therapist, acupuncturist, healer, Reiki practitioner   — using the green cube after a session is very beneficial for your client.  They will be able to maintain those healing energies, the new balance you’ve given them for a much longer period of time.  The cube will block out other energies from disturbing their healing/peace/calm.

Enjoy your Friday.  The 13th is when Mother Mary is closest to us and brings us her Divine Love.  It’s a wonderful day, enjoy!

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Green Cube--Maintaining Balance


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  1. Susan Bock says:

    Marcia you are inspiring me with your posts. Thank you for doing this.

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